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Telia - Creative/ Copy/ Design
Telia asked how they could improve their use of the mobile channel. We said: "Stop thinking of it as the mobile channel".
RFID Music Player - Dev/ Concept/ Tech
Relying on computers to access music felt unnatural, so I built an RFID-controlled Magic Mp3 player.
Megaphone - CEO/ MGMT/ Creative/ Copy
I got the opportunity to try out life as a CEO during a module at Hyper Island. My agency won the Best Agency prize.
Moderna Museet - MGMT/ Creative/ Video
Smartphone app for Sweden’s National Modern Art Museum. It made the museum and its collection more accessible.
WebRTC hack - Concept/ Web Development
Hackathon at Google's offices to demonstrate the possibilities of WebRTC. Developed an in-browser Ping Pong game.
Group Development - Facilitator
I believe in teamwork, and I have experience in facilitating group development.
Webapps - Creative/ Development
Webapps are super-open versions of smartphone apps. I made a few to play around with various API's.
Touchscreen Game - Concept/ Tech
Exploring Technology module at Hyper Island. my group developed a fun, but challenging memory game.
Hyper Island Brochure - Copy Editor
Hyper Island releases a brochure every year. I was the Copy Editor for 2011/2012
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